Our Beverage Program is designed to evolve, as we do. We’re going to stick with our favorites, of course. Habanos Cigar Lounge will have a list of classic, signature cocktails with seasonal favorites being slipped in an out of our menu, as the smoke would.  While we will look forward to carrying a wide variety of scotches, whiskeys and bourbons, we’re looking to build a strong rum portfolio. While men prefer their “peaty” scotches, and their oaky whiskeys, we feel that, traditionally, rums pair exceptionally with cigars.  We’re also pretty sure that women will find rum to be a better entry point with ladies looking for a spirit to compliment their cigars.

In developing our cocktail menu, we’re happy to work with local and an urban farm right behind us. Inspired by the Seed to Table movement, we’re excited to announce that we will be featuring a “Seed to Cocktail” program to use fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients in our cocktails.

Featured Selections